Hello and welcome to my Page!

I am Karla, mother, wife, sister friend and local badass realtor. I know, I know I should probably be talking about how many sales I've done and how I have the best team and yadda yadda. I mean I do.. I know my market, I can negotiate, I have a great team...but I am more than that!

I am your real estate champion.

I am your cheerleader

One of my best assets is my optimism. You might be thinking Optimism??

How does that connect to the cutthroat world of real estate??

Well, let me tell you.

It is tough out there, as a buyer you may be up against several buyers and be overbid.

You may feel defeated.

You may feel like you were not meant to buy a home.

My optimism allows me to stay focused in the game, to think creatively & strategically, to reassure you that it will be okay.

Because it will. It will be great!

I am also great a communicating, and I don't just say that  because thats what everyone says.

I really am.

I can read people well.

In negotiations this is extremely helpful.

Not just that, but I can cultivate relationships really well with other agents making it a smoother transaction for all.

Oh and when I am not “working” let's be real...I love what I do. I love connecting people to property.

But when I am not doing that...

I am out there playing with my family

Playing volleyball

Enjoying sunset views

Because that's what life is about right?