5 Family friendly Restaurants in Long Beach

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

My family loves to dine out, fortunatley Long Beach is chock full of kid-friendly but also and probably more importantly, parent friendly... Lets face it, sometimes a good cocktail at dinner helps cope with the stress of raising young kids! Below are some of our faves. What are yours?

1. Rasselback Kitchen & Beer Garden- This German Gem is one of our fave go to's... Whats not to love? Delicious food, great beers and the yummiest sangria PLUS an outdoor patio with a sandbox that kids LOVE. This German restaurant located in Bixby Knolls is probably one the top faves. Everybody wins here. We love to drink and chat while the kids play. Everything I have ordered is fantastic, although the Triple B Burger is definitely my favorite. Plus they don't use straws, thus less pollution. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

4020 Atlantic Blvd. Long Beach CA 90807

2. Fusion Sushi- Yummy sushi, extensive menu with choices for everybody plus a fun environment. Music is loud enough so that they can't hear our kids. My boys love their sushi rolls, edamame and crunchy shrimp. Dad loves the big bottles of Sapporo beer. They also have great lunch specials and happy hour too. Staff is attentive.

6415 E. Spring Street. Long Beach CA 90808

3. Lola's Mexican Cuisine- With green Salsa that is so delcious you'll want to bathe yourself in it. Lolas is pretty authentic Mexican food, you won't find any yellow cheese or crispy tortilla tacos here. Sorry, I am a bit of a Mexican food snob and yellow cheese just drives me nuts...sorry I digress...The kids love their Quesadillas and you can choose from a variety of yummy Mexican options. My fave combo is the Mango Ceviche and Mango Margarita. With two locations- Bixby Knolls and Retro Row on 4th Street.

4140 Atlantic Blvd. Long Beach CA 90807

4. Number Nine Noodles & Beer- Vietnamese Food in modern decor. The Pho is so flavorful and it does come in a vegan option. Another fave if its too hot for Pho is the Bun or Vermicelli Noodle bowls. Our boys can eat quite a lot so we always start off with the egg rolls, so good wrapped in lettuce basil and dipped in fish sauce. They also have fresh coconuts which tastes like you on a tropical vacation. I really enjoy the Lychee soju cocktails. They also have regular specials.

2118 E. 4th Street Long Beach CA 90814

5. The Grain Cafe- Vegan food so good you crave it. When we first discovered this gem, we loved it so much we came back three times in a row! Having a severe nut allergy, it can be challenging eating vegan because a lot of places use nuts as a base, but it wasn't a problem here with lots of nut-free options. I am obsessed with the crepes, so good. Also, I have to say their desserts are insanely good.

4403 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

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